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adaptive riding

Horseback riding with a higher purpose.

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Our staff of specially trained riding instructors provide premier expertise in equine assisted services and are committed to creating customized care objectives and realizing set goals.

This program utilizes mounted and unmounted horsemanship for clients with physical, mental, cognitive, social, or behavioral challenges to facilitate development of life skills.

Our passion and our generous donors fuel our program. We have been blessed with a skilled, caring staff and it is our greatest pleasure to share our knowledge. We have seen the dramatic healing and hope brought to clients through the use of our amazing herd of horses. Victory services riders throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


  • Increased flexibility

  • Improved balance

  • Increased fine and gross motor skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Improved ability to stay on task

  • Develop patience and empathy

  • Core and leg strength

  • Coordination

  • Self-esteem and Confidence

"Houston and Brooks are totally different kids from when they started at Victory. The biggest things is that they're so much more vocal now, you couldn't get them to talk before and they didn't want to engage in class and transitions were always hard. But here they are, excited to be here and they run around the house neighing on class days."

Bruce, Houston and Brooks' grandpa and Victory Volunteer

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